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Small Group Information & Sign Ups

Find a small group for you to join and connect with fellow believers! 

Sundays at 11:00am unless otherwise noted. 

Lisa Cucksee.jpg

Lisa Cucksee

Study of John

Ladies Bible Study

Tuesdays 5-7:30

Marty Traller_edited.png

Marty Traller

The Parables of Jesus

Peggy Dudley.png

Peggy Dudley

Wesley Curriculum        God wants to make you Holy: Powerful messages from the minor prophets.

Pastor Mike Lightfoot

No More Excuses 

Tony Evans

Pastor Mike & Karen_edited_edited.jpg

Rita Martin

Wesley Cirriculum

God wants to make you Holy. Powerful messages from the minor prophets. 

Karen Lightfoot

Girls Night Out-Date & Time TBA

Pastor Mike & Karen_edited_edited.jpg

Carl & Vicky Kloock

Gina Gollop

Emmett & Jessica Jesse

Thanks for signing up!
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